Lab-quality ovulation tracker

myLotus is a lab-quality ovulation tracker, giving you accurate, personalised results – in the privacy of your loo.

I’m confused about what to eat.

I’m confused about what to eat.

Can diet really impact fertility?

It can. Here's how.
I’m trying. I got my period.

I’m trying. I got my period.

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. Get educated.
I’m wondering whether my cycle is normal.

I’m wondering whether my cycle is normal.

Is this how it’s supposed to be?

Most likely. Let’s find out.
I want some perspective.

I want some perspective.

Have others gone through this?

For sure. Meet your squad.

Trying is trying

Let’s be frank. Trying is fun at first. But gets trying pretty quickly. The friends who get lucky the first month. Blaming yourself (or him) when it’s a BFN. Digging deep to find new hope. Dreaming up a new name every month. The kick in the guts when that  second line doesn’t show. We can’t help step off the emotional rollercoaster when you’re trying to conceive. But we can help you get informed. Knowledge is power, and feeling powerful is what you need right now. Visit the Knowledge Hub for expert advice on all things fertility and TTC – for your health, your head and your heart.

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Normal isn’t normal.

It’d be odd if all women had 28-day cycles, and we all ovulated on day 14. Such regularity is – in fact – highly irregular. Truth is, just 12%* of women have a 28 day cycle. That’s why it’s so important to find your personal normal, your exact LH levels, and your peak fertile days. That’s where the myLotus ovulation tracker comes in....

How it works
  • Might be a boy
  • Might be a girl
  • Might be twins
  • Might look like me
  • Might happen easily
  • Might take a while
  • Might take years
  • Might not happen as I hoped
  • Might be his sperm
  • Might have a few questions
  • Might feel pretty lonely at times
  • Might just be having sex on the wrong day
  • Might be good to know

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