myLotus Fertility Monitor and 1-month of test sticks

Extra £10 off

myLotus is a lab-standard, ovulation and fertility monitor. Unlike other at-home ovulation kits, myLotus shows you the exact amount of LH in your system. Knowing exactly when your LH is highest is important because it allows you to pinpoint the optimal time to have sex, which helps strengthen your chances to conceive. A free downloadable app is available separately.

Pack contains:
1 tracker, 20 ovulation tests and 3 pregnancy tests

The pregnancy tests you’ll receive in your myLotus starter pack, will have a shorter than usual expiry date. For this reason, we are applying a £10 reduction to the starter pack price.


Find your normal with the myLotus fertility monitor 

Test your urine each morning and we’ll tell you the precise amount of Luteinising Hormone in your system. By tracking your LH each day, you’ll get an overview of your own LH curve so that you can identify the exact day when you’re most fertile.

We don’t use symbols or lines, we tell you the exact numerical value of LH in your system, allowing you to understand your body on a granular level. When you know the optimal time to have sex, you’ll strengthen your chances to conceive. 

Our ovulation and fertility monitor can cover the length of cycles that range from 21 - 42 days, and it even learns from previous cycles. 

  • *99% accurate results *myLotus ovulation tests are over 99% accurate based on laboratory tests showing a positive result at 40mIU/mL
  •  Suitable for ALL women - irregular cycles, low or high LH baseline levels,      you’re covered
  •  Build a monthly profile and compare against previous cycles
  • Suitable for those with PCOS
  • Identify the best time to have sex to strengthen your chance of conception
  • Discreet packaging 

clinically proven

Results are equivalent to lab-based testing.

Complete with a free downloadable App (available on iOS and Android) you'll be able to track and view your LH levels for up to 13 cycles.

Get real-time data, unique to you - no guessing, or squinting at lines on a stick. You'll know exactly what's going on with your key fertility hormone.

If you're going to pee on a stick, make sure it's the right one.

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