What is the myLotus fertility and ovulation tracker?

myLotus is a personalised fertility tracker that measures and analyses the precise levels of Luteinising Hormone (LH) in your pee to spot the days you are most likely to ovulate. It gives 99% accurate* lab-standard test results for a clear idea of when you need to get busy. And – unlike other methods – it works for women who have tricky cycle issues like irregular periods, PCOS or anovulatory cycles (where you don’t always ovulate). 

  • * 99% accurate results 
  • Suitable for ALL women - irregular cycles, low, or high LH baseline levels
  • Suitable for those with PCOS
  • Build a monthly profile - compare against previous cycles
  • Identify the best time to have sex - strengthen your chances of conception

 *myLotus ovulation tests are over 99% accurate based on laboratory tests showing a positive result at 40mIU/mL

Clear, personalised results

Just 12% of women have a 28 day cycle. And lots of us ovulate early, late, or not every month. And that’s all absolutely fine. But when you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s really important to get to grips with what your normal is, so you can identify the best days to try to conceive. The secret to it is forgetting Ms Average, and focusing on your own personal fertility patterns. And the key to all that is tracking your LH levels

LH – Luteinising Hormone – is one of two hormones that encourages your ovaries to release an egg. LH usually surges up to 6 days before you ovulate. But here’s the thing – not all women’s surges look the same. Some experience a sharp spike, others a more gradual increase, others are ‘biphasic’. Some are high, some are low. Luckily for you, myLotus tracks all patterns and levels, learning what’s normal for you, then telling you exactly when your surge is at its peak. Then it’s time to get busy – there’s likely to be an egg ready to be fertilised.

Why myLotus works for PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is really common – in fact, around 5-10% of women are affected. Sadly, it’s the #1 cause for non-ovulation. But the good news is that many women with PCOS do ovulate, and can get pregnant by tracking LH levels to identify their most fertile days. What’s more, if you track, you can identify if you might not be ovulating, and take steps to put things right – most women respond well to lifestyle changes or medication, though for some, surgery or IVF might be eventual steps.

Why myLotus works for irregular periods

Irregular periods – medically speaking – are rarer than we all think. In fact, it’s totally normal to have a cycle that is anywhere between 24 to 38 days. They’re only counted as ‘irregular’ if they’re outside this window, or if your cycle length varies more than 20 days from month to month. But if your cycle is long or short, or varies from month to month, it can be hard to identify when you might be ovulating. That’s when a personalised LH tracking plan comes in. myLotus can spot your surge, and give you the nod to get busy – whether that’s on day 9 or day 19!

Why myLotus works for anovulatory cycles

Anovulatory cycles are months when you don’t ovulate. It’s a thing – but perhaps a thing not many of us know much about. In fact, anovulatory cycles are quite common, and can be caused by stress, extreme exercise, big changes to life and routine, hormone imbalances, and if you’re at a very high or low body weight.

If you’ve been trying for a while, ruling out anovulatory cycles can be a good idea – and myLotus can help with that. As well as spotting surges when you’re likely to ovulate, it will also flag that that you might not be ovulating, so you can make lifestyle changes to get as close as possible to your peak fertility zone, then seek medical help if conception still isn’t happening.

When you see that surge coming. Get busy.

The day you see a surge in LH means there’s an egg ready and waiting to be fertilised. You should then have sex within 24 - 36 hours.


I love how easy it is to use, but the best thing about it is that it gives you your own personal levels which you can track on the app. Definitely worth the money.


Absolutely amazing little machine & app, that have allowed me to see when I am ovulating as well as accurately predicting my cycle, even with having an irregular cycle & having PCOS. I would highly recommend this product to anyone trying to conceive or to just better understand their body.


Really easy to use and helpful for if you're unsure about ovulation. Perfect for if you are unsure about your own cycle or have irregular cycles


This is a great, less intrusive, device for those ladies who are struggling with irregular cycles. MyLotus customer service is always great and the team are very supportive.


This is the best monitor by far I have used to track my fertility. It even works for women like me who have longer and slightly irregular cycles. It gives your your personal LH level so it completely takes away the guesswork you have with regular OPKs.