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Love-making vs Baby-making: All about sex and the best time to conceive

12 August 2019

Love-making vs Baby-making: All about sex and the best time to conceive

Around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving and having a baby can be challenging. What starts as fun and about trying to create your family, can quickly turn into baby-making sex — carefully considering the best time to conceive around ovulation so that sex becomes just another item on our to-do list in the quest for a baby.

According to the World Health Organisation, sexuality is a central aspect of human beings that encompasses identity, sex, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. When reduced from all these aspects to just a way of reproducing, it can emotionally affect the couple, as a unit as well as individuals.

Best time to conceive

There are only a few days every month when a woman can get pregnant. These days are the best time to try for a baby. To identify your fertile window each month, you need to track your cycle and learn about when you are ovulating. Once you´ve ovulated, the egg only lives for about 12-24 hours. Sperm on the other hand can live inside the female body for a few days. Considering the short survival time of the egg it´s so important to identify your fertile window.

Because timed baby-making can be quite stressful for couples, we want to help by giving you a few strategies to help you in your most intimate moments.

Go back to the beginning

Remember ways you and your partner enjoyed sex early in your relationship and find ways to recreate it, doing things that with time, you stopped doing. Plan a romantic encounter, a weekend away or maybe a bubble bath together or even a couples’ massage?

Mindful sex


Mindfulness is all about being fully present, noticing our feelings and environment non judgementally. For the second strategy, we invite you to let go of baby-making thoughts like “is this the best time to try and conceive” or “is this the time, when his sperm is going to fertilise my egg?” and embrace the moment. Notice your partners’ skin, the smell, bodily sensations, the way he/she makes you feel.

In conclusion, you have only a few days a month of baby-making sex, which are the best time to conceive and all the other days of the month for love-making sex. Using an ovulation tracker like myLotus can help you identify your fertility window to take the stress out of trying to conceive, making it a pleasure rather than an item on your to-do list! The strategies above can also help you reconnect as a couple and have special intimate times together every day of the month.

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