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Why is LH important?

27 August 2020

Women are born with all the eggs they will use throughout their lifetime – 1 to 2 million eggs. These are stored in the ovaries and every month several eggs start the process of maturation. When a certain amount of oestrogen is reached, a message is sent to the brain, resulting in an abrupt secretion of LH. 

LH is a very important hormone that triggers the egg to fully mature and to be released from the follicle, ready to be fertilised. The truth is, without LH, there is no ovulation.

Why myLotus is better than other ovulation trackers? 

Several methods are available to track ovulation and identify the best time of the month to conceive, from monitoring changes in cervical mucus, identifying oestrogen and LH peaks, and monitoring basal body temperature.

A study has compared these methods and identified urinary LH as the highest accuracy method (97%), able to detect ovulation before it happens, in an easy and non-invasive way. Basal body temperature has low accuracy at 22.1%, only detecting ovulation after it has happened.

In fact, basal body temperature can be affected by several factors and over the last 30 years, researchers have concluded that basal body temperature is not a reliable marker of ovulation.

In contrast, an LH increase is needed for ovulation to happen, and several LH trackers are easily available for women to use at home. Most LH trackers show a positive sign when LH reaches 40mIU/ml, or a negative sign when values are below that level. However, not all women are the same and LH surge values can range from 20 to 100 mIU/ml.

Some women may have LH baseline and peak values below or above the 40mIU/ml level, have longer or irregular cycles – and this is why myLotus is better than other ovulation trackers. Whether your LH values are high or low, whether your cycle is shorter or longer than average, myLotus will tell you your exact LH value, detect your LH surge and identify when ovulation is about to happen.

  • myLotus identifies your exact LH value (not just a positive or negative sign).

  • myLotus identifies your LH surge (whether your values are high or low).

  • myLotus tells you when ovulation is about to happen (your peak fertile days).

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